The BAYOOSOFT Access Manager

A key part for TISAX® Certification in the Automotive Sector

Digitalization and wide-ranging supply chains demand a particularly high level of data security in the automotive industry.

The TISAX® test and exchange standard is a questionnaire based on the ISO 27001 Norm. The Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) established the working group “Information Security” in 2003. Experts in the automotive industry work together to develop common standards based on international norms to recommend appropriate protective measures.

The rating of the company to be certified will be determined via a questionnaire of 52 security topics (Controls).  The so-called maturity model is divided into 5 stages.

TISAX® Company Valuation according to Maturity Model

Stufe 0 – Controls incompleteStufe 1 – Controls passedStufe 2 – Controls regulated
Stufe 3 – Controls establishedStufe 4 – Controls predictableStufe 5 – Controls optimizing