Access Manager


The BAYOOSOFT Access Manager enables you to fully automate access management with file servers, SharePoint, Active Directory, and third-party systems. Sustainably reduce operating expenses – such as in IT administration – while also improving information security with monitoring, auditing, and transparent reporting for the data controllers in your company’s departments.

A key component of the Access Manager is the self-service concept, allowing specialist departments and end users to be included in the access management process without needing an IT background. The system is intuitive and accessed via a browser. Straightforward reports create transparency – even for non-techies.

The technical environment is monitored and permissions protected against unauthorized changes. The Access Manager can be scaled virtually limitlessly. It’s compatible with multiple languages and designed for use across globally distributed locations. Modular expandability allows needs-based deployment in your infrastructure.


  • Include individual departments with applications and permission workflows
  • Decision-making by data controllers
  • Combination of profiles and individual permissions
  • Option of time limits
  • Browser-based
  • For file servers, SharePoint, applications, printers and more
  • Password reset without IT-administrators


  • Technical implementation without manual intervention
  • Audit-proof documentation
  • Ongoing monitoring of the permission structure
  • Automatic correction of the technical environment
  • Deviation logging
  • Reduce IT workload


  • Transparent overview of the permission situation without IT know how
  • Data and user-centric analyses
  • Audit trail of all changes
  • Historical reports on the permission situation
  • Directly accessible in web browsers
  • BAYOOSOFT Access Permission Audit: tool-supported analysis with our experts for automated access management

What our customers say

“The Access Manager has been handling our AD permissions for years now – reliably and fully automatically – from file servers and SharePoint through to printers and applications. Our data controllers can assign individual permissions as well as permissions for departments and projects via the self-service interface – all without IT support. Exactly as we had in mind.”

Paul D.IT Administrator

We were positively surprised, that implementing the Access Manager was really easy. All our employees were directly involved and started using the AM right from the beginning.

Holger D. IT-Administrator

Especially the possibility to always have an overview of the current permissions on one’s own folder as well as the possibility to proactively set permissions for changes in the team structure was very well received.

Boris M.IT-Lead

With the help of the BAYOOSOFT Access Manager, we were able to transfer the structure of our file server, which had grown over many years, to a state-of-the-art compliance with all applicable requirements.

Daniel P.Head of System Management

Get to know the Access Manager modules

Modular expandability for adapting according to your needs

Fileserver Management

Access management for file folders

Transparent overview of existing permissions for file folders

Data categorization according to EU GDPR

Combination of individual on-demand and profile permissions, satisfying the need-to-know principle

SharePoint Management

Access management for site collections and sites of SharePoint 2013, 2016, and Office 365

Data categorization according to EU GDPR

Combination of individual on-demand and profile permissions, satisfying the need-to-know principle

Monitoring of unauthorized changes and comprehensive reporting

Third Party Management

Active management of AD security and distribution group memberships with the option of time limits

Transparent overview of existing permissions for a wide range of elements

Data categorization according to EU GDPR

Combination of individual on-demand and profile permissions, satisfying the need-to-know principle

Fileserver Accounting

Expansion module

Volume-dependent charging of cost centers according to the cost-by-cause principle (chargeback)

Automatic logging of storage space use based on assigned cost centers and definable price models

Automatic export of billing data


Expansion module

Seamless integration of automatic access management in existing system environments

Fully automatic access management with the use of systems

Technical user authentication for protection

Comprehensive auditing of technical user activities

Password Reset

Expansion tool

Self Service Reset Tool

Support of numerous target systems

Multi-Factor Authentication

Password Propagation

Password Randomizer

Identity Management

Expansion tool

Standardise and automate routine tasks of user and access management

Fast and secure user provisioning

Role-based access assignments

 Privileged Account Management to control and audit the access of super-users

Graphical Process Editor for the design of complex processes

NTFS Permission Analyzer

Migration tool

Determination of the current NTFS permission situation

Resolution of authorized AD groups and users

Overview of NTFS permissions per folder and AD user

Various filter options for assigning permissions

Get to know the Access Manager

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