Exclusive Offer for 8MAN Customers When They Switch

Do you already use the 8MAN product (now: Solarwinds Access Rights  Manager) and would you like to replace it?

Then get started with the fully automated access management of the BAYOOSOFT Access Manager today!

Sustainably reduce operating expenses in IT administration with automation, while also improving information security with monitoring, auditing, and transparent reporting for data controllers.

Self-service is a core aspect of the BAYOOSOFT Access Manager, allowing various departments and end users to be included in the access management process without needing an IT background.

The technical environment is monitored and permissions protected against unauthorized changes. So you gain a persistently clean permission structure and avoid circular relationships before they arise.

Do you no longer wish to simply manage your permissions, but also automate them in future? Take a look at our exclusive switchover offer now and benefit from attractive conditions.